Baltika 7 - Russia

good evening ladies and gentlemen.

i know it seems like i have been having a lot of these beer posts. but i might as well keep writing until the next block comes around. and this bottle is so enticing i can’t help it.

baltika is apparently the largest beer brewery in mother russia and only second biggest to heineken in europe. wow! they must drink a lot of beer there in russia.

what i found most interesting about this beer is the bottle cap. it is like no other. it has its own flap and you do not need a bottle opener to get it open. you just pull the flap upwards and start enjoying the nice cold beer.

tastewise is baltika rather sweet and smooth, not as strong and stark as viru or bintang in that case. but it is nice when you do not want that much of a kick.

baltika cap.

there is a website for the beer, but it is not so interesting. in one part because it is in russian, and that when i use google translat the second word i read was ‘comrade’. and the other part beacuse the website talks more about the company rather then the beer it self.

but i did some research and found that the number i found on the bottle is of a significance. it is like a type of a baltika beer. there are nine baltika beers numbered from 0 to 9, with the exception of number one. and number 7, the one i bought is the most common lager beer. i will try to find the rest. however, i am wondering why they do not make the number one. i guess it is some kind of a conspiracy and that the number 1 baltika is the super secret bottle that is only available to the rich and wealthy.

and also i checked how to say cheers in russian, although i can’t pronounce it just as yet.



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